historyofwweWWF SUPERSTARS ARCADE (1989)

Title WWF Superstars
Platform Arcade
Released May 1989
Developer Technos
Publisher Technos
Playable Characters Hulk Hogan
Randy Savage
The Ultimate Warrior
Jim Duggan
The Honky Tonk Man
The Big Bossman
No. of Players 1 or 2
Non Playable Characters Ted Dibiase
Andre The Giant
Gene Okerlund
Modes Tag Tournament (4 matches) followed by final match with WWF World Tag Champions Ted Dibiase and Andre The Giant


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Each player can select any two out of six wrestlers (including Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Ultimate Warrior, The Honky Tonk Man, and The Big Boss Man) for his or her tag team. A second player can either join player one’s tag team or control the opposing team.Antics can continue outside the ring where a table (good for 1, 2 or 3 uses depending on the machine’s setting) may be used on your opponents’ skulls. If you are outside of the ring, a computer controlled wrestler sometimes walks down the aisle and off of the game’s screen and then returns with a folding chair (good for unlimited uses) seconds later.

There are two configurations (New York and Tokyo) where four victories are required for the title match against “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant. When you reach the title match, you must win it in order for your team to become the champions. If you win, the screen displays a newspaper showing your tag team as the new champions.

The game ends after both configurations have been completed and both title matches have been won (a series of poses of the wrestlers are shown at the end.)





If you are controlling The Big Boss Man and perform his signature wrestling move, position yourself to be behind your opponent when he gets up (he will be groggy) and walk into him. The opponent will automatically be thrown to the ropes and when he bounces off and comes running back, press the Punch button to once again perform The Big Boss Man’s signature move. This process may be repeated an unlimited number of times until time expires.Somewhere in the match when both opponents are in the ring, get the “legal” wrestler and throw him out of the ring. Then, take the “illegal” wrestler and knock him down and cover him. If you cover the illegal wrestler before the legal wrestler gets up on the outside, then you have performed the trick. The illegal wrestler will not kick out and the legal wrestler on the outside will not get up. The referee will simply count until twenty and you will win by count-out. This will not work if you cover the illegal wrestler after the legal wrestler gets up. He has to be lying on the outside of the ring.



(1) Gameplay Notes & Cheats courtesy of: Arcade Museum