OSW Review | Favourite Episode – 5th Golden Noggers!

Favourite Episode – 5th Golden Noggers!

Well HELLOOOOOOOO and welcome to the voting for the 5th Annual Golden Nogger awards!
• Our version of the Slammys/year end awards are the Golden Noggers, where we take different aspects of the show and you guys choose the winners by popular vote!

• You can’t be nominated in the same category 2 years in a row, and nominations are from 2017’s big videos: Samurai Cop 2, Royal Rumble 2017, Destination X, NXT Orlando, WrestleMania 33, Lockdown, Hard Justice, Bound For Glory, Watchmen, Bound For Glory 2017 and Christmas iMPACT!
• NoggerU film reviews (Aliens, Hell Comes To Frogtown etc) are excluded, as well as OSW Live and last year’s Golden Noggers video, lol.
• Voting will continue throughout the week as the 10 categories are posted! (3 are available right now!)

Have you voted in all the categories? http://oswreview.com/gn5-voting/ Woot!

Reply below with which episode you THINK will win!


Release Date
January 8, 2018