OSW Review | 3rd Annual Golden Nogger Awards!

3rd Annual Golden Nogger Awards!

I’m-a nice guy, I’m a hell of a guy, and tonight we honour youuuuuuuu!
It’s the THIRD Annual Golden Nogger awards! Who will take a bite!
(Watch us hotdog and grandstand in our OSW year-end awards!)

Massive thanks to:
William Creeden, who edited this video (3 times!) (@WillCree)
Lee Scovell for the tits song! (@Porkchopexcess)
Chris from The Editors, who let us use his cover of Acceptable in the 80s!
Thanks to for our awesome t-sharts! (US Click here!)

Next video: WCW Starrcade 94 in a few weeks! (will update when on the home stretch of editing)

So what did you think of the 3rd Golden Noggers, were any nominees robbed?!


Release Date
March 20, 2016