OSW Review | 6th Annual Golden Nogger Awards!

6th Annual Golden Nogger Awards!

Don your fanciest bumping pants, Jay, V1 & OOC hotdog over the best and worst of 2018 OSW, across TEN fan-voted categories!
Hope you love it brahs! Includes a new segment thanking everyone who helped make OSW videos a little more awesome πŸ˜€

Love Jay

p.s. See you for the 2019 Rumble review sometime in the next fortnight!
It’ll be our BIGGEST episode ever, V1 has sourced over 400 SPLICIES for it πŸ˜€

The Simpsons – Krusty’s Good Guy Awards song
The Simpsons Hit & Run “Mission Complete! (Vox Nerduli)”
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “What Are The Rules?”
Cody Anderson’s OSW song
Sonic The Hedgehog “Chaos Emerald” jingle
Zelda 2 “treasure”, “palace” and “fanfare” jingles

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Release Date
February 24, 2019