OSW Review | Favourite Quote- 3rd Annual Golden Noggers!

Favourite Quote- 3rd Annual Golden Noggers!

Cunt of the year!

Our biggest category of the year! What is your favourite quote/gag from 2015’s OSW episodes? Write in if you don’t see yours! I’ve tried to put them in Chronological order from Royal Rumble to IWA: KOTDM!

Have you voted in our other polls? State of your hair, What BarCunt of the year, Favourite episodeBest song cover, Favourite SegmentRoidy MagooFavourite Intro!

I gave my thoughts on the 2016 Royal Rumble (and RAW) here!

What did you vote for, we’ll be reading out the most popular write-ins as well!


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January 27, 2016