OSW Review | Lifetime Achievement Award – 3rd Annual Golden Noggers!

Lifetime Achievement Award – 3rd Annual Golden Noggers!

Cunt of the year!

Our FINAL Golden Nogger award, and our most prized! Who is the boyest boy — who enters the OSW Hall of Fame? Last year’s winner (The Zodiac!) as well as nominees Kronus, Mike Knox, Funley and Thurman Plugg are all excluded!

Why are the following nominated?
Kane’s Knee – for it’s decades of service to bumping
Zombie Linda – for her kayfabe-enforcing stone-faced acting throughout the X7 Saga
It’s Tazz! – providing both musical and in-ring enjoyment
Samurai Cop’s Wig – a milestone in hair-props
Limp Bizkit – for their contributions to wrestling, and our X7 episode!

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Have you voted in our other polls?   Favourite Quote, State of your hair,  What BarCunt of the year, Favourite episodeBest song cover, Favourite SegmentRoidy MagooFavourite Intro!

Awesome! Thank you so much for being a part of the Golden Noggers! We’ll be taping the awards show and Q&A soon, update coming tomorrow 🙂


Release Date
January 28, 2016