OSW Review | AEW Fight Forever – OSW 119

AEW Fight Forever – OSW 119

Your favourite Irish boys are joined by Matt McMuscles to do the ultimate deep dive on AEW Fight Forever! Join Jay, v1 and Matt brah brahs!

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Man this was a doozy. We got 2 codes for it on Thursday night, was just playing it over and over until recording on Monday evening, started editing it that night, all the way until Wednesday afternoon and launched the video as soon as the 1080p processed. Hope you love it! Myself, V1 and Chris from Reload Last Save tag-teamed this video-wise!

Special thanks to:
• Matt, for being on the show!
• N64 label artwork by user NeedingArt! I’ve asked them for a label to print out yourselves, will update if/when we get it!
• Chris, for editing it (the retrospective/roster section is his great work!)
• V1, for grabbing specific footage and splicey


Release Date
June 28, 2023