OSW Review | WWF WrestleMania X – OSW Review 87

WWF WrestleMania X – OSW Review 87

MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSS! Your favourite racist Irishmen Jay, V1 and OOC are BACK ON CHRISTMASSSSS DAYYYYYYYY to review Bret vs Owen, Lex vs Yoko, and *THE* ladder match! This almost killed me getting this one done in time for Xmas. Sit back and enjoy brahs, I really hope you dig it 🙂

Thank you for your support for OSW and personally my brahs. It’s been an exceptionally tough year for me, and you guys have been so kind, considerate understanding. Edited my heart out for the last 10 weeks to get ya these 3 episodes! Enjoy!

Love Jay 💙

Chris from ReloadLastSave: Check out their Spooky Silent Hill 2 finale!
Jeff / Surberus23 (video editing) @surberus23
Fraser Davidson (A Winner is You anim) @FrazDav
Comic Artwork Donald Kirby
Women’s Retrospective & Duckarse-work Carl aka OSWreviewToons
Cheers Michael for the amazing WM/AIT80s mashup!
Research: Simon Boehm!

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Release Date
December 24, 2019