OSW Review | WWF Sunday Night Slam II (1994) – OSW Review 92

WWF Sunday Night Slam II (1994) – OSW Review 92

Your favourite Irish boys are back with a four-leafed review! Let’s take a gander of what’s in store:

1. the USA Special Sunday Night Slam (Nov ’94) with Owen Hart vs British Bulldog!
2. a super-secret Brucie Bonus review!
3. the RAW before Survivor Series
4. the PPV countdown itself!

Special Thanks to :
Chris Fox https://twitter.com/psychof0x
Christopher Nies https://twitter.com/MrNiesGuy
Jeffrey Surberus https://twitter.com/surberus
The Relinquished https://twitter.com/Lewisawyer
Liam https://twitter.com/RSSLiam
Ciaran McNamara of Babyface Media!

All leading up to our next episode on Survivor Series ’94! Apologies Vimeo is giving us grief atm, it’s still being cleared by WWE. It’ll be available on YouTube NEXT SUNDAY but you can watch it right now on NoggerU!


Release Date
August 23, 2020