OSW Review | OSW Warrior Arc Trailer!

OSW Warrior Arc Trailer!

Trailer for our NEW Warrior in WCW arc!
OSW 101 Warrior Debut Nitro
OSW 102 War-rior Games @ Fall Brawl ’98
OSW 103 Nitro the Night After
OSW 104 Warrior’s only film: Firepower 1993 (coming in 2022)
OSW 105 Blade Runners Nitro
OSW 106 Thunder afterwards (2022)
OSW 107 Christmas episode (Dec 25th)
OSW 108 Halloween Havoc ’98 (2022)
+ possible brucie bonus!

Please note that episodes are being released out of order due to OOC being ill and also YouTube being asshats. So you get more sooner!


Release Date
June 30, 2021