OSW Review | Tough Enough S6 Week 4
July 16, 2015
by Jay Hunter

Tough Enough S6 Week 4

What happened last week? Blonde Fiancée Dianna quit, and MMA Lesbian Bartender Daria was voted off. During the week it was revealed that ``replacing`` Dianna is Chelsea Green; aka WWE's version of Claire Lynch (Megan Miller, Daniel Bryan's physiotherapist). I call bullshit! The competition is set at a final 13. Substitutions AFTER weeks of eliminations makes a joke of THE RULES! It's also an insult to the competitors. I'm annoyed that no-one's annoyed by this. It is addressed during Tough Talk. It's like Orton subbing for Booker T, and winning him the US title in 2006!


• Kick off with more hens clucking, however Amanda (fake Barbie) admits her yelling/picking fights is intentionally trolling Gabi, to get her to quit. This foul play isn’t referenced again, oddly.
King Barrett arrives to talk about promos. Sucks Wade Barrett didn’t turn up. Hilarious as he’s beside King Booker and King Billy Gunn, lol. I’ll always remember Edge (after winning the 2001 KOTR, pledging to not “Billy Gunn” the KOTR). Way Barra stays for 1 minute of TV time where he asks for promos. Extremely rushed, but they do it again in….
Challenge 1: Improv is Jericho! Pair up and cut promos on each other. They match lance’s students (Georgia & Chelsea). It’s highly-edited so it’s hard to gauge actual quality – this would be best served in the live section. And they do! (For the bottom 3). Patrick and Mada were the stand outs, your #1 & #2 respectively. Patrick insulted MMA’s Tanner on not knowing old school wrestlers like Cactus and Piper (the fans in attendance and myself ate it up) whilst Mada’s was his Pharaoh gimmick again; very intense eyes, heavy breathing, good stuff. Mada gets hot about losing and bitch Josh throws water on Patrick. Jericho tries to rile up lovely/dorky Sara Lee but she takes his criticism/smack talk as constructive advice. She tries to shout & be mean and it doesn’t work. It’s as intimidating as a baby wearing a leather jacket. It’s hilariously cute.
Improved format: They’ve pared back Jericho’s role even more (Rene picks up the slack, does the final interview etc) and have removed rounds of applause before the judges talking – it *really* helps. If we could just calm down on the hyper-editing (used insidiously to tell the stories WWE want to tell) we’d have a much better show. Like Dianna didn’t quit because she didn’t have passion (the TV reason the judges gave), it’s because she went to help a very close friend who was attacked and paralyzed from the neck down. Fuck.
• They’ve turned Paige picking on Sara lee into an angle, as despite her trying really hard, Paige says she’s not. She still needs to reel it in, bellowing out confrontational remarks which only she finds funny and cutting over Bryan, Hulk and the contestants.
Challenge 2: PowerSlam drills. Sara Lee can’t take or perform it correctly. Chelsea (who stank at promos) wins it for the females, and Josh for the males.
• Back to the judges: Hulk was actually paying attention this week! He picks Mada (the shouty big guy promo ala Zeus) as the best promo, over knowledgeable smaller guy Patrick; saying he didn’t have a character, don’t be “Patrick the Smart Mark”. The Cuntster was also obviously butt-hurt as Patrick insulted Mada by saying “the time of the big guys are over – Warrior’s gone, Hulk’s retired”. He should’ve known better than to indirectly insult a judge. You can slag Bryan, possibly Paige, *absolutely not* massive ego/hugely insecure Hogan! That said, the vindictive Smart Mark gimmick worked extremely well for CM Punk and now Kevin Owens…
Bottom 3: Sara Lee (via Paige; not stepped up), Gabi (via Bryan, no concept of promo), Tanner (via Hulk; bad promo). They all get to cut 30 second promos on the judge that nominated them as their plea to win votes:
– Gabi: She shows she doesn’t know what a promo is and asks to not be let go. Horrific.
– Tanner: He wishes he was Tito Santana with his “I’m gonna try my best” promo. Bomb.
– Sara Lee: nothing too special “I’m gonna be a diva and face you one day” but light years above the other two.
• No saves. Jericho spoils the vote telling Sara Lee she’s not going home. I wonder if WWE are pissed that she keeps smashing the voting, despite trying to send her home. Gabi is eliminated with 11%; and Sara Lee kills it (again) with 63%. WWE do not bring this up. She’s at least the 2nd most popular in the whole thing behind ZZ.
• There’s this awkward silence as Rene shuffles on stage to prod the loser Gabi for an interview. This needs a musical sting. Gabi inexplicably says she’s happy to end this and start her training again, and she wasn’t there to pick fights. Rene goes whaaat and alrighty. In a parting face turn, Gabi hopes Sara Lee will win it.

Overall a decent episode (relative to this season) with some creative and format improvements. Focusing on promos is a far more interesting & useful gauge of talent. ZZ had almost no role in the show though…


• Crowd bit rowdier than usual, nice. They chant for Miz.
• Bryan reads a scripted question. Jaysus c’mon mate. He also calls the PPV Battleground “Battlefield” which everyone laughs about. He expertly says Hogan called it the Superdome!
• They have Amanda and Gabi up (people groan expecting a repeat of last week’s shouting match) but they cordially disagree.
• Hogan asks Josh what was with the “bitch move” throwing water in Patrick’s face. He fobs it off saying he was acting thirsty, which the crowd accept.
• Mada and Josh whine about Patrick and it ends up as a promo battle between Mada and Patrick: Mada basically repeats his kinda generic “I’m gonna beat you up” heaving breathing promo; the strength of which is his intense eyes. Patrick has gotten a lot cockier this week, it ain’t cocky if you do it and you back it up! He kills it with the king/crown jewel/bow to me promo and gets a large round of applause.
ZZ is charming as ever, saying being at raw this week “it…touched me” and deflects the cardio issue saying “round rolls”. He works the crowd really well. Hulkster likens him to Dusty which he graciously appreciates.
• Lita kinda says we’re far away from Season 1 of Tough Enough where the winners made an impact, which is bollocks (I know Maven had that one shocking spot eliminating Taker in the rumble, it worked as he was a nobody; and only won the hardcore title when it was passed around like lice. Nidia is best known as Jamie Noble’s trashy girlfriend and never standing in her own light)
Chelsea (WWE’s Claire Lynch) first flubs saying getting there “it took long enough”, which people gasped. She explains it took Dianna forever to quit. She was #14 in the 13-person competition; her slotting in isn’t really fair but she’ll take it. Bryan brings up her role as his physiotherapist/Claire Lynch storyline which they laugh about, and Brie gave her a burst ear-drum (which is common; Bryan got one as well)
• Hilariously Gabi thinks Miz will shake her hand when he turns to her, but he turns away and ends the show, lol.

Overall: Some good stuff! Definite improvement from last week. Great to finally see focus on promos (in both TE and TT), not some stupid costume competition. Even Hulkster looked like he was actually paying attention and did some kind of research this week! With Gabi gone it hopefully means we’ll not have the “skanks shouting over each other” storyline anymore. And yay Sara Lee! The “boy” of Tough Enough!


Brucie Bonus video coming tonight!