These are the people who contribute their time and talent to OSW Review, helping make it what it is today!


Piledriver Wrestling

Created in August 2008 and Bebo’s biggest wrestling page (and now facebook’s biggest independent wrestling group!) head honcho Luke runs the #1 free source for wrestling news and considered opinion. Our partnership started in 2008 and is still going strong today! Piledriver’s podcast launched in August 2013 – You can hear Jay in the first 6 Piledriver Q&As! The team of Rory & Luke produce hours of new content each week covering WWE, TNA, Japan and the Indies.



OSW Chat V

OSW Chat V is part of our trilogy of sites (Piledriver Wrestling, OSW Review and OSW Chat) run by fearless leader Davin, along with Billy, Poe, Shiz and Barry. It’s a group of passionate fans in a friendly community, enjoying the best and worst of wrestling in a relaxed atmosphere. Going strong since 2007, if  OSW Review is the show, then OSW Chat is the backstage party!

Visit OSW Chat V!

If you’re interested in the Scottish scene, check out OSW TV (Only Scottish Wrestling) run by OSW Chat’s Billy!



Oh you didn’t know? Botchamania is the longest-running episodic video series celebrating the funniest, worst moments wrestling has to offer, set to videogame music, with rapid-fire on-screen quips. OSW has been a part of Botchamania since our tryout in May 2012! Jay interviewed Maffew back in May 2014, and guest-reviewed in our Scooby Doo episode!

Watch the latest Botchamania here!


Michael Scally (Fizz)

Fizz has contributed amazing graphics to the show, starting with “Splicey Splicey” in episode 24. He also drew our “Ad Break Questionarium” and “What Bar?” logos, which are both featured in almost every episode since! He also does some animation for us, like our WCW Thunder Intro! Check out Michael’s Portfizzio! His entry on wrestling podcasts chronicles his work on OSW.


Reload Last Save

Chris is the co-creator of Reload Last Save Productions, home of youtube videogame show SCUMM of the Earth. His work can be seen all throughout our show, starting with the amazing pixel art montage seen at the end of our SummerSlam 92 episode (Worzel, Hogan, Jamison etc). He also does some amazing animation work for us, such as animating the Randy Orton Snake Charmer segment! I also once gamed their voting on their 1 year anniversary special, making them review Broken Sword in 18 excruciating videos. I’m so sorry Chris.

Watch SCUMM of the Earth now!


Steve Yurko

MY CLIENT STEVE YURKO HAS CONQUERED THE ART! Steve is the über-talented artist that created the wonderful comic-book styled caricatures seen in our ECW run of shows, such as Randy Orton’s snake-charming segment, the sitting Mick Foley placecard and Terry Funk biting Vince McMahon’s ass!

Visit Steve’s tumblr now!


Chris Maffei

Chris (aka CM Strike) is the BOSS behind the amazing ECW-remix of the OSW theme-song, Acceptable in the 80s. He composes and records original music too as Production Director at WCWP Radio. Did you know? The OSW Metal version contains 11 separate tracks!

Check out Chris’s Soundcloud now!


Kenny and Harley Wootton

Kenny & Harley make amazing Hollywood-level compositions with a wide range. Their music is featured in Chikara (multiple tracks), Zack Ryder’s Last ReZort and Leftover Culture Review! They’ve composed two tracks for us to be featured in future episodes, but you can hear a snippet of one in the John Cena discussion video!

Check out their portfolio here!

Affiliate Stephanie

Stephanie O'Donnell

Stephanie specialises in comic & digital art, storyboards and writing. She provided the amazing Juggernaut/Juno artwork for our Capital Combat episode!

Check out Stephanie’s website here!

The following podcasts greatly inspired the creation and helped shape OSW Review!


Review-a-Wai (Live Audio Wrestling)

John Pollock & Wai Ting are arguably the smartest, hardest-working wrestling podcasters in the world. It was their chronological critiquing of the 2001 inVasion angle that inspired Jay to do the same with the entire Hulkamania Era. They produce 3 shows together, reviewing RAW, iMPACT and an old-school show, part of the family of Live Audio Wrestling podcasts. If you listen to their older shows you might hear Jay giving feedback or contributing artwork for their weekly podcast! These guys need to be in your podcast stable!

Check out the LAWradio podcasts!


Epic Battle Axe

Daniel Kayser (DK Money Shizzle!), Brent Adams and Tony Grice make up Epic Battle Axe, a trio of long-term friends discussing videogames. I’d describe their show (Epic Battle Cry) as if Jay, OOC and V1 were American and discussed videogames. They recently moved off to an almost daily YouTube Q&A format, so check them out! I still miss DK’s eardrum-bursting falcon cry at the start of every show.

Check out EpicBattleAxe!


Place to Be Podcast

You know Frank here’s got his own billiard room? Justin Rozzero and Scott Criscuolo are early influences to OSW Review with their easy-going banter and great attention to detail, filling out the backstory during reviews. They were also very supportive of OSW Review in the early days on bigelow34 (shoutout!) and Jay did some artwork (seen here!) and adminning of their site. With well over 300 episodes under their belt and Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino doing podcasts on their site, you must listen to these MegaPowers explode!

Check out the Place to Be Nation!

*singing* We are the superfriends! Our greatest accomplishment is (partly) inspiring the creation of other podcasts!


Podcast Superfriends!