OSW Review | Fatal Deviation – OSW Film Review

Fatal Deviation – OSW Film Review

Your Irish boys are back with Ireland’s first and last kung-fu film, FATAL DEVIATION!
Imagine Samurai Cop in Ireland 😀

the peak of irish cinematography

Hope you enjoy it, recording this was one of the most fun sessions we’ve ever had! Lots of fun and frolics, mixed with kicks, guns, motorcycles and a ‘hot babe’! Massive thanks to Chris from @ReloadLastSave for help with the editing!

Audio download on iTunes or Android or here’s a direct link/streaming on the page:

clicky for mp3 direct link to download

Thank you for your unwavering support! It means so much to myself and the guys, allowing us the time to produce the absolute best content we can. See ya next month for WM34!



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Release Date
March 31, 2018