What is OSW Review?

Don’t be silly, you know what it is! A roundtable review podcast set to video footage of the event!

Are you Scottish/English/Australian?

No, we’re Irish, from Dublin. Someone put a bomb in me potato!

Who is the coolest of the three?

Mr. OOC, of course. His reputation as “the funny one” is justified.

What programs do you use to edit?

Video – PowerDirector 10. Audio – Cool Edit Pro 2. Photo editing – Paint Shop Pro 7 (the last two are Attitude-Era programs!) A full run-down of how the show is made can be found in our Q&A Mailbag!

The video is sync’d! That must take ages!

Yep! Each episode takes about 50 hours to edit. A large chunk of that is spent on splicey-splicey.

How come you always rag on Americans?

We don’t hate Americans at all, we’re just taking the piss! Thankfully our fans get it. It comes about mostly to spite McMahon’s disgraceful patriotism-for-profit (Support America! Buy my PPV!). Some Americans get unnaturally upset over it, it’s hilarious.

Any advice for starting my own podcast?

That is the coolest shit, brah! Hit me up on twitter (@OSWreview) and I’ll give you advice.

Who are PiledriverWrestling.net and OSW Chat?

Piledriver and OSW Chat are sister sites of ours. Their admins (Luke and Davin respectively) and Jay have been working together since before OSW Review! Piledriver is more professional and information-based, OSW Chat is like a backstage party, and OSW Review is the creamy middle. That sounds worse.

Where's Survivor Series 92/Royal Rumble 93?

We never reviewed them! We finished the Hulkamania Era at SummerSlam 92 (here’s why). We let our fans choose the next review as a bonus episode and WrestleMania IX won by a landslide! (You can see the voting here, posters here). For ourselves, we were getting bored and were more than ready to move on from early 90s WWF, doing starkly contrasting WCW and ECW is so refreshing and keeps us interested. We also don’t want to be locked in to one time period!

Will you ever review New Generation WWF (i.e. Survivor Series 92 onwards) ?

Seeing as OOC loves the New Generation, we’ll probably be back down the line. It’s up there with the Montreal Screwjob with things Jay doesn’t wanna talk about!

Who is Neo, the other voice in earlier episodes?

OSW Review originally had 4 members: Jay, OOC, V1 and Neo (Niall). After WrestleMania 3, Neo simply just stopped showing up to recordings. OOC stopped as well but he returned for the 1988 Survivor Series and the three man team was set. If you’re out there Neo, give us a shout!

What's the deal with V1's Marge Simpson Impression?

It’s Jay & V1′s favourite skit from Republic of Telly’s Robogarda.  He pronounces tarantula as taran-toolah which is our cue to bring it up! …HOMAR SIMPSAN YA FUCKIN’ ANIMAL YA!

What does V1 say in his Northern Irish accent?

MR. CHIPPIE! (Pronounced “Muster Choppie”) The epicentre of Donegal, apparently. When Jay & V1 were on elective, every place in Letterkenny was measured from MR. CHIPPIE. V1 only has two phrases in Nordie: Mr. Chippie, and “exclusive pictures”.


A new episode! When is it on iTunes?

Episodes are uploaded to iTunes/RSS a week after it’s YouTube release. It’s intentional as we really want you to watch the video version – it’s what takes OSW so long to produce! (And of course, there’s visual gags and it showcases the in-ring far better.) If it’s been over a week, hassle Jay on twitter @OSWreview 😉

Audio links: OSWreview.com/audio

What's that song used in OSW Review?

Our intro song is “Acceptable in the 80s” by Calvin Harris!
The jingle heard on the placecard is Back to the Future’s “Something’s Changed”
When a joke doesn’t land, we play the Big Break music sting! (A UK snooker TV show in the 80s/90s)
Our outro is FantomenK’s “Neo Geo (Inst)”

Any other music splicey’d can be found in the credits at the end of the video, and generally in the description box of YouTube videos. If you still can’t find it, ask!


When's the next show? How often are OSW review episodes released?

OSW is roughly a monthly show (every 4-6 weeks), although due to our actual lives, the real answer is episodes are done when they’re done! Official updates can be found here. More updates can be found on our facebook and twitter!

What story arc are you doing?

Sometimes impromptu Brucie Bonuses and our lives make the ‘main arc’ release schedule a bit erratic. I’ll always update people when production is further along and when a date is set 🙂

Current story arc is the X7 Saga:
Royal Rumble 2001
• No Way Out 2001 (aiming for 20th April release)
• Final Nitro
• Simulcast RAW
• WrestleMania X7

Recent Brucie Bonus Episodes:
WrestleMania 31
WWE/Flintstones Crossover
2nd Annual Golden Noggers
OSW Q&A 4,5 & 6
WCW Halloween Havoc 1995!

Who is Dirty Lee, Roesputin and Crocodile Dundalk?

All three come from V1:
• Crocodile Dundalk: a wrestler gimmick, and Irish knacker version of Australia’s Crocodile Dundee. It was just a pun to piss off OOC.
• Roesputin: The Mad Monk; literally just a terrible pun gimmick name, designed to piss off OOC.
• Dirty Lee: Shockingly not made to piss off OOC! A misheard lyric from “Mugamoodi”, an Indian film, as seen in our December to Dismember review

Dirty Lee in his natural habitat:

Dirty Lee Mugamoodib

What is Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is a wank pheasant.

What is a wank pheasant?

Roman Reigns.

We answer a ton of your questions in our Q&A Mailbag!