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Hello and welcome to OSW Review : The Old School Wrestling video podcast! We chronologically critique old WWF (WWE) Pay-Per-Views. We are a roundtable podcast, cut to VIDEO FOOTAGE of the event! Hosting the show from Dublin, Ireland, are longtime friends and 20+ year wrestling fans, Jay Hunter, fake rolexs Steve (Mr. OOC) and Steve (V1).

Featured on Botchamania.com and home of “WHAT BAR is he?”, our ~monthly show finished with the Hulkamania Era (WrestleMania 1 – SummerSlam 92) and moved on to covering story arcs in any wrestling company or timeframe, as well as some Brucie Bonus episodes along the way!

All credits for artwork/music/videoclips is given at the end of each episode (otherwise they were made by Jay for the show). Staples of the show include lots of videogame graphics and music, and many, many Simpsons references. You can catch every episode at https://YouTube.com/OSWreviewHD. This website is unofficial and has no connection with the featured artists or their business organisations.  Slainte!

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