On Bebo.com, TNA Ringside is formed, where Jay, OOC and V1 review only TNA. 6 months later we couldn’t hack it and opened the gates to review WWE, ROH and NJPW, rebranding ourselves wBw (World Bounce Wrestling). Bebo suffers a mass exodus and we stopped reviewing and integrate into our friends’ site, OSW Chat.

Black Saturday

Jay pitches OSW Review to OOC, V1 and Neo with an unaired pilot, Black Saturday! It’s a go and OSW Review is in production!

OSW Review is launched!

After two recording delays, our facebook page is created and our first episode launches!


OSW’s first official syndication was to The Wrestling Forum! Old School Wrestling was granted it’s own forum to discuss matters of kayfabe and otherwise. Big thanks to TWF Dave for bringing us aboard his awesome (and gorgeous) site.

Piledriver is back!

After months of turmoil, PiledriverWrestling closed Dec 31, 2010, only to rise from the ashes in spectacular fashion after Extreme Rules 2012! With that, the partnership of PD and wBw (the old name for our group) was back in business, four days after our 1-year anniversary. In March 2013, the fruits of literally 1,000+ hours of work will be unveiled as PiledriverWrestling.net is launched!

TWR Network!

We join Talk Wrestling Radio Network, a site filled with many talented radio hosts, offering internet streaming wrestling talk 24/7!

Botchamania Tryout!

Aside from our launch, this is the biggest day in OSW history: We got our tryout on Botchamania.com. Posting the No Holds Barred video, there was unexpectedly overwhelming support for the show! One of my proudest days, which brought a new level of exposure to the show.

400 Fans!

This seems like an odd number but it took us 15 months to finally break 400 fans.

Deleted from Blip (1st time)

Owing to our growing fanbase, Blip checked out our videos and deleted all of them.

1000 Fans!

We hit 1,000 fans on our Facebook group! The idea of doing a review show was floating around for a long time. We started our wrestling page, “TNA Ringside”, on Beb… See More

Deleted from Blip [2nd Time]

It took us 16 months to get enough attention to be taken down by Blip, and just 4 months the second time round! …which is kind of a compliment. We decided to try make YouTube our home again.


Our first episode on internet radio giant MoreLikeRadio (you can listen & chat to our episodes every Tuesday, 2pm EST ie 7pm GMT!)

2,500 fans!

Youtube.com/OSWreviewHD is launched!

Our videos had been up on YouTube for a few months, so whilst the show was on a short hiatus, Jay uploaded everything to a single account.

5,000 fans!

WWE Network kill OSW on YouTube

2 days before the launch of the WWE Network, WWE blocks 27 of our YouTube episodes.

Paul’s OSW Review TATTOO!

A milestone we never even dreamed we’d get: ULTRA-BRAH Paul Stephens got an OSW Review TATTOO! We’re blown away by it – our show could convince someone to do this. We’re truly humbled. Thank you Paul!

OSWreview.com is launched!

Our brah Calzo launches our brand new amazing website!