The OSW Review Dictionary

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Aloha Arn

The method of trying to regain balance after your opponent does a sunset flip on you. Arn did it wonderfully at WrestleMania V (it looked like he was imitating a hula dancer going left and right). I don’t know if you can tell but whenever we sing “Aloha Arn” we do a little hula dance!

Aloha Arn

Bimmy to Jimmy Suplex

Our nickname for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. A reference to a misspelling on Double Dragon III for the NES. Nooooooo, BIMMY!

Bimmy Jimmy

Blast Processing

Term SEGA used to hype up the Genesis/MegaDrive in the 90s brah. Totally tubular!


A BOY is a (generally not very talented) wrestler that didn’t achieve success, where there’s a bit of cringe factor admitting he was one of your favourites. You like/support him more than the average & what he deserved. Like my boy Test, or Heidenreich. He can’t have won a major world title as well (which actually cuts out Garvin, even though the rest of his career was very boy-worthy). The term ‘boy’ is also used in Japanese Dojos (for young trainees) and in general vernacular too (e.g. Will Ferrell’s boy Blue in the film Old School).

1. Unsuccessful – No WWE/WWF, WCW/NWA or NJPW world titles. This rules out Christian, Steve!
2. Unpopular – He must not be respected in general or have hope for the future. Think The Ascension.
3. Untalented – There’s a certain cringe factor. You have to be a little ashamed to admit you’re a fan. Heidenreich is the Golden boy, a paragon of Boyness.

If in doubt, ask! Remember, a boy is for life, not just for Christmas.

Our boys were discussed during the Capital Carnage episode! (During the Steve Blackman vs Ken Shamrock match)


Brother. Popularized by 90s wrestlers (especially Crush, brah)

Bret's Rope

The second (middle) rope. Jay noted that Bret almost only ever comes off this rope.
In kayfabe, the middle rope’s height adds additional velocity, as the top rope sacrifices sure footing. So master technician Bret goes for the “best value” rope. Hence, the most deadliest rope!

You can hear it here during our ECW Heatwave ’98 show (released Apr 4, 2014) during the Credible/Lynn finish (Click here for the YouTube link!, thanks Kyle!)

Made into wrestling cannon by Chris Charlton (New Japan English Commentator) calling it both “the deadliest rope” and “Bret’s rope“!
This has since made it’s way into the general wrestling lexicon, holy sheeeeet I’m so proud! – J

Brucie Bonus


Our name for extra content. It’s a reference to the 80s and 90s British TV show “Play Your Cards Right” (which is basically Card Sharks), hosted by Bruce Forsythe. Contestants could win an extra prize called a Brucie Bonus!

Bumping like a boss

Doing a fine job selling during a match. Mr. Perfect and Dolph Ziggler bump like a boss


aka Carnival folk (as wrestling used to be a carnival attraction). Also spelled ‘carnie’. It’s a stereotypical old-timey wrestler (in a negative sense). Used both a noun and an adjective, for when a wrestler does something synonymous with being a wrestler (e.g. having a haircut like out of the Legion of Doom, blading early and often). Because it is an archaic term, calling a wrestler a carny is more of a humorous insult. Several wrestling terms are also carny speak (eg Kayfabe, mark) and still used today.

“AWA Promoter Verne Gagne took all the money from SuperClash III and pocketed it. Fucking carny!”
“AWA Promoter Verne Gagne booked himself to win the AWA title 10 times and retired as champion. That’s real carny.”


Crescendo Booking

Randy Orton booking. Do nothing for the entire match and then a quick build to an impressive flurry at the end. So you’ve only actually wrestled for a few minutes and everyone seemingly forgets the mind-numbing 12 minutes beforehand. Crescendo booking!

Cunt Hogan

Hulk Hogan is a cunt.

Dammit D'lo!

D’lo Brown is a road agent for TNA. Soon after he was hired, TNA produced Lockdown, featuring the same spot multiple times (leave the cage, stop, instead of winning, go back in) and we blamed D’lo for it. Ever since that, for every repeated spot on the same card, regardless of company or era…DAMMIT D’LO!

Doink brah, you’re making kids cry brah!

Jay’s sarcastic summation of the New Generation WWF era. Neon-clad Crush feuding with heel clown Doink over making children cry. Whether or not he actually said the line is debatable.

Duggan Special

Double countout/DQ, brawl to the back (also applies to Bad News Brown and Roddy Piper, as these lads did this ad nauseum to get out of losing)

The Fed

“The Federation” i.e. World Wrestling Federation. Archaic term for WWE that apparently nobody uses. Oh well!


Pretty self-explanatory: Ronnie Garvin NEEDS to be in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Cemented during our Royal Rumble 1990 show, Rubbish Ronnie is a HUGE V1 boy. You can hear the evolution of boydom starting at SummerSlam 89. He’s been overlooked for far too long. #GarvinForHOF

Glorious GrappleVision

Kayfabe, it’s how OSW Review is filmed. Shoot-wise, it’s a parody of the gimmick names film studios had in the 40s (Panavision, VistaVision etc). The Wrestling Classic was in “WrestleVision” and Jay’s brother Joey suggested “what about GrappleVision?”.

Happy days are here again! (Just eat 1,000 pies)

Phrase borne out of us chatting about getting Jack Daniels pie in PieMan (Dublin). Steve asked if kids could buy ‘em and get drunk. I said they’d need to eat 1,000 pies. And if they did they wouldn’t be skipping down the street singing “happy days are here again”, they’d have much bigger problems!

I agree with MOST of that

It came about when V1 would only ‘mostly’ agree with OOC’s assessment and then pretty much say the exact same thing!


Said in a flippant manner, parodying his treatment in the WWF (i.e. an announcer saying his name in a throw-away fashion)

John Cena should join the Nexus!

An impression of our buddy Mark, reading out a text during an episode of WWR (an Irish wrestling radio show, now defunct), when Jay was a guest on the show.

Lesbian Pollen

Ah, it’s just MIIIIND GAMES! Lesbian Pollen explains why females in wrestling are suddenly, briefly attracted to other women! Of course it’s for cheap storyline thrills and titillation, but let’s keep kayfabe here.

Marge Simpson impression

It’s Jay & V1’s favourite skit from Robogarda.  He pronounces tarantula as taran-toolah which is our cue to bring it up! HOMAR SIMPSAN YA FUCKIN’ ANIMAL YA!

Needs More Kronus

Ever since ECW Barely Legal 97, OOC is now a huge Kronus mark. Kronus makes every PPV better. Hence, needs more Kronus.


Ice-cream bar from Sweden (the Irish version is called a Feast): Vanilla ice-cream encased in chocolate with bits of nuts and a chocolate wedge inside. Delicious. Now used as a term for fans of the show! Also, Virgil is a nogger. The joke came about from a WHAT BAR segment during our This Tuesday in Texas review




“Out of Character”. It was Steve’s wrestling name back in the day.

Paul! Paul!

Quote from the angle to kill of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania. Vince, attempting to break kayfabe, wailed for his son-in-law Triple H (Paul Levesque) by shouting out “Paul! Paul! I can’t feel my legs”. It was hilariously awful, and a fitting end to a disgrace of an attempt to get viewers. Even Hunter wouldn’t hide his contempt for giving away money over the phone.

Quick Rub and Squeezy-Squeezy

Bushwhacker Luke grabbed Ray Rougeau’s package and gave it quite a warrr at WrestleMania V. A seminal moment in wrestling history.


Roadie Run

Camera shot popularized in the Hulkamania Era, where the cameraman would run up the entire length of the aisle to meet the wrestler at the top. See Ric Flair’s Rumble 92 entrance, or Hogan at WrestleMania VIII. It’s incredible. ‘Roadie Run’ is a Gears of War reference!

Roid Belly

A “steroid belly”: A muscular dude who also has a big barrel chest. See Legion of Doom’s Animal.


A brawl typically involving many wrestlers, especially with weapons. It’s usually not entertaining and used as a way to eat up time, or get the wrestlers to another part of the arena. “They schmozed, and went through a table.”

Amazing, our use of the word stuck and is now part of the general wrestling lexicon!

Shavontay (Tony Schiavone)

Hulk Hogan had a habit of pronouncing Schiavone incorrectly (“Shavontay”). It became his nickname. Similarly he sometimes referred to Ted DiBiase the “Multi-Million Dollar Man”!


Eating up time during a match by doing nothing of note. Brawling on the outside is a major shortcut as it’s easy to do, takes up time and requires no pre-planning (unlike choreographed sequences). Next time you’re watching a match, see how long it takes them to start fighting on the outside!


Calling to splice in video footage from another event.


That’s terrible/stupid/silly. STATE of your hair, Valentine!

Take a boo, son!

Phrase by Scottish football pundit Andy Gray (what a shitebag). It means “well done” i.e. take a bow.


From our WrestleMania VIII episode: Bodybuilders don’t have to be skilled to be top class in their profession, unlike in sports (eg football.) Steve flexed his arms and parodied announcers comparing them to football greats. (flexes arms) “OH MY GOD IT’S PAYLAY!”


Steve had (lovely) long hair back in the day and looked like Matt Hardy (and was a big Hardy fan) so Jay called him V1. (Version 1 was Matt Hardy’s 2003 gimmick)


Amazing, beautiful. “I love AJ – she is whopper”

Wavy Trees!

“Fuckin’ Wavy Trees!” is Jay’s summation of The Happening. There’s also an arms-up wavy hand-gesture done with it. Wavy Trees are trees that have turned heel and are creating wind, in order to let Marky Mark & Zoey Deschanel know they could’ve had them if they wanted.

Worzel Gummidge

Our nickname for Rene Goulet. Worzel Gummidge is a scarecrow from 1980’s British TV show of the same name, played by Jon Pertwee. Goulet looks shockingly similar to Worzel. And Jim Bowen in a blonde monk’s wig.

First reference: SummerSlam 1990 – OSW Review #19 (August 29th, 2012). Goulet/Worzel got a special intro for our “This Tuesday in Texas” episode. The ! jingle is the alert chime from Metal Gear Solid.