OSW Review | 100 Bloody Acres (2012)

100 Bloody Acres (2012)

Plot: Australian horror/comedy film. 3 friends on their way to a music festival in the backwoods countryside hitch a ride with Reg, who has a dead body in the back.

Thoughts on the film:
• It’s a horror/comedy so any gore/violence is taken with a light-hearted approach.
• Reg and his brother Lindsay are fertiliser salesmen who’ve discovered that humans are an excellent additive to their compound formula, adding extra “potassium excreted from their gland”, a ludicrious maguffin for the film to hinge around.
• Plot comes about from Sophie – she cheated on her bf James (who plans to propose later) with his friend Wes. The love triangle gets a bit more complicated as Reg and herself get on very well. After being detained, we see if her advances are a rouse to escape or actually something significant.
• Reg has second thoughts about murdering them and is conflicted between his amoral brother and listening to Sophie.
• Wes is quite a prat. It’s difficult to feel sorry for him. He openly insults Reg while asking for a lift (at the start of the film) and when James shows him the engagement ring, he throws it behind him. Plot-wise it’s so he can find the dead body, but it’s a real asshole thing to do.
• I do like it when people escape their captors, it makes the scenario more interesting and moves the story along.
• The real kicker, film isn’t really funny at all. Reg and Sofie seem nice, but they’re not that interesting. Since the light tone makes the horror not serious, it hurts that aspect too. There’s a few shocking/funny moments (who they kill, Reg having a handy in his trailer, giving his crumpled rag to Wes) but it’s nothing must-see.
• There are two funny lines, both from Lindsay. “There’s nothing within 100 bloody acres of this place” (haaaa!) and when explaining the awful things he’s done today, notes “these are the risks you take when you operate a small business.”

Overall: It’s just an average watch. A horror comedy that doesn’t have much comedy. Nothing bad but I wouldn’t recommend.

Jay’s rating:
5 Highly recommend
4 Recommend watching
3 Don’t recommend
2 Avoid
1 Leprechaun Origins


Release Date
October 11, 2014