OSW Review | Citadel (2012)

Citadel (2012)

Plot: Claustrophobic thriller (directed by Ireland’s own Ciaran Foy), about Tommy (Aneurin Barnard – who looks like Elijah Wood), a man crippled by his agoraphobia due to faceless hoodlums killing his wife. They now seem intent on kidnapping his baby daughter.

Thoughts on the film:
• The bleak setting (a poverty-stricken council estate in the shadow of huge run-down apartment blocks) sets a overbearing tone and a real sense of hopelessness.
• I got to see this at IFI’s Horrorthon, with the director talking about the film before and afterwards. Citadel really felt like the embodiment of Foy’s real life experience of being attacked by hoodlums for no reason (a few years ago on his way back from UCI Coolock) & his own struggle with agoraphobia; it felt quite personal and real.
• This intangible, faceless fear-mongers really drive the dread of the film – successfully. He wants to move away but various circumstances prevent it from happening, and these hoodlums are out to get his child.
• It might seem contrived to say a troubled, antisocial priest can help him out but they tie it together nicely.
• There’s some wonderful cathartic moments.
• A few scenes of reprieve from the constant oppression and dread, with some well-worked supernatural aspect to it, good stuff.
• It was shot on the cheap, but I don’t think a bigger budget would’ve helped at all, it was about this man’s struggle to save his baby.
• The streets of Glasgow and Dublin could represent any poor area.

Overall: It’s quite oppressive and bleak, but if the story interests you, definitely go for it. Very heavy-going film, but a well-made one.


Release Date
July 30, 2014