OSW Review | Coherence (2014)

Coherence (2014)

Plot: Indie Sci-Fi thriller about a group of friends getting together for a comet passing. The event causes a metaphysical anomaly – literally in the middle of the road outside is a reality-merging junction to many parallel universes where these friends are also having dinner party.

• Ok the plot (which they call ‘Quantum Decoherence’ – there are many versions of everyone in the house) sounds quite expensive but the film is almost exclusively set in one house, trying to figure out what’s happening and staying ahead of any potential danger, so the budget is extremely tight. The idea is quite high concept and the nature of it also means that it’s shot incredibly cheaply. This also precludes it from having a big finish/reveal though – the most you get is someone dressed as the same person cleverly shot to hide it.
• Keeping it interesting, there’s relationship drama as amongst the friends is an ex-wife and an extra-marital affair.
• Instantly disliked Beth, the self-proclaimed Feng shui medium, the opinionated bitch who brings her own blend of ketamine to the party.
• The movie does a great job showing how awful it is keeping up appearances with ‘friends’ and how quickly they’ll turn and accuse each other!
• Themes of failure and opportunity comes up (failed actor, failed dancer, what if things were different)
• They do get a physics book and try explain things using analogies like Shrodinger’s cat. It’s quite heavy doling out the situation, but it’s clear enough. I quite enjoyed the exposition, explanation and testing done.
• I always think it’s fun (but weird) when characters knowingly conform to the plan that was presented to them. i.e. finding a box with numbers and a random object, let’s do the same. We haven’t taken this picture of me? Let’s take this picture of me! Quite like Triangle in that way.
• Hilariously Mike asks “Can’t we just stay in the house?” and is shouted down with “No!”. Why not? That’s what Hugh (the beardy husband) said to do at the start! If everyone stays in, then nobody gets lost, and we won’t run into doubles of ourselves! Ah, because that’d be boring 🙂
• A point they hammer home is that you can’t interact with another version of yourself. I’m not sure how battering yourself doesn’t break that rule!
• I liked how easily Emily decided to say fuck it and intentionally went searching for a ‘better’ reality.
• The end scene is quite fun, I’d like to see what happens next.

Overall: An enjoyable Sci Fi indie film thanks to a great concept and fun exposition, however it gets bogged down in the middle and I felt the budget limits the storyline. It does ramp up for an exciting ending. Unfortunately falls shy of Jay’s seal of approval.


Release Date
September 29, 2014