OSW Review | House with 100 Eyes (2013)

House with 100 Eyes (2013)

Plot: Married couple Ed and Susan aim to make their greatest snuff film; a “triple feature”, killing three victims in one night, in their escape-proof home.

• Footage is via edited static/surveillance and a hand-camera. Ed & Susan talk to the camera, aiming to make a movie that contains behind the scenes, making of etc all in one go, explaining why they narrate when they can. It’s quite a good idea for a film. They find/lure 3 homeless kids under the guise of making a porno to their house, and here we go!
• Although they’ve done this possibly hundreds of times, they haven’t gotten their coaxing game down (i.e. the first 2 groups they engage don’t come with them). It did make it more interesting this way.
• The house is a regular place, with a ‘studio’ (a room with a mattress, plant and a camera) and a torture chamber, which is where the vast majority of the gore happens. It’s limited to a few nasty scenes. Most of the film is them convincing the trio to make this porn until things go pear-shaped.
• Ed is the quick-tempered ‘bad cop’ whilst Susan is the somewhat-ditsy but well-meaning loving ‘good cop’.
• THE CHEEK of Clutch (the male victim) having sex in the shower, rendering him impotent minutes before he’s supposed to go on camera!
• I enjoyed Ed going through his tool-kit telling you what you need and the pros and cons of items (e.g. cuffs are fast but rope is more versatile; guns are loud and you may miss, knives are close and confirm kills)
• Nudity is fully censored with a blurry bar.
• It was quite funny hearing Ed’s dismissal of Crystal, whom he berates for being fat despite being homeless.
• Maddie (a human house-pet) singing was quite creepy.
• The last act changes the situation which is both interesting and satisfying.

Overall: It held my attention the entire duration. It’s not the best written film (the married couple are by far the most interesting, not the victims) but it’s a refreshingly decent indy flick.


Release Date
November 8, 2014