OSW Review | It Follows (2015)

It Follows (2015)

Cast: Directed by David Robert Mitchell, starring Maika Monroe as Jay (a girl’s name too, apparently).

Plot: After having sex, Jay is now being followed by a murderous ghost. To stay alive she must evade the ghost, or pass it on to another by having sex.

Thoughts on the film:
• Yes, it’s SEX GHOST! A haunted STD…A Spectre-Transmitting Disease? That’s the best I got.
• I love the 80s design of the poster. Nice one.
• The acting is pretty ropey, the characters and dialogue aren’t very good but it is a hilarious & interesting premise. A great scenario to discuss over a pint. As the movie progresses we find out the rules of this scenario, which is always good times.
• So this ghost will follow you at a walking pace, and will kill you. You can delay that by having sex with someone else, and it’ll go after them instead. But when it kills them, it’ll go after you, and work it’s way back down the list.
• A relentless killing, stalking being is like a slasher monster, but with a twist. I like it!
• There is full-frontal nudity (both male and female) but it isn’t sexualised. The ghost happens to take the form of a middle-aged woman, and later a middle-aged man with his tadger hanging out. The main cast do have sex but it’s that fully clothed deal – with bra, panties and boxers on, and in almost silence, it’s quite impressive…
• Perhaps it’s to take the sleezy aspect of “let’s bang to save my life”, the teens are quite young, and so are more reluctant to have sex (this wouldn’t be half as much a problem for college age or older).
• Not much gore, the most gratuitous shot is at the end of the opening scene.
• A lot of the fun of the movie is testing the boundaries of the scenario, and thinking of ways to beat the system: The guy that has sex with her was from another town and used a fake name. Creating distance is good, but it’d a lot smarter to go to Australia and do it! Or even better, bang a flight attendant, and the ghost will be on the ground walking back and forth, cursing the futility!
• The ghost has a physical presence – it generally obeys the laws of physics (i.e. it will be stymied by a locked door and will break a window to enter a premises). Also, unless you’ve already been ‘marked’, you can’t see the ghost. It has mass – swing a chair at it will react to it. Shoot it in the head and it will drop momentarily. Perhaps trap the ghost in a room? Or in a car and lock the doors?
• For better and worse, the kids are pretty dumb in the film. One of the kids aims at the invisible ghost, and shoots his friend instead. Christ!
• There’s some cheap jump scares, such as a ball hitting a window, and a new one, plaster wall breaking inside a closet. Boo, this hurt the film.
• A strong, informative start, where Jay is tied to a wheelchair (the camera is also attached to it, which is a fun way to shoot) and the premise is shown & explained. Then the film slows down, and a kid looking like Emilio Estevez from the Breakfast Club befriends them and brings them to his dad’s cabin.
• It makes sense that they wouldn’t initially believe her but her sister/friend actually laugh and dismiss her, despite her being terrified and crying. Some cheap writing in the film.
• She sees guys on a boat; I loved that without hitting you over the head with it, they presented solutions (the guys, what about a boat).
• Although silently stalking her, the ghost starts getting vindictive, throwing objects at Jay as it sees her plan – thought that was a bit out of character and a clichéd showdown thing to do.

Overall, although it has stifled acting, boring characters and a coming-of-age pathos that just isn’t there, it’s a great idea, making it an enjoyable watch. Not a well-made film but it’s fun and engaging – give it a go and lemme know what you think!


Release Date
June 24, 2015