OSW Review | Jug Face (2013)

Jug Face (2013)

Cast/Crew: Written and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle, starring Lauren Ashley Carter (Peggy the victim from ‘The Woman’)

Plot: Ada, a teenage girl who is part of a trailer park community living in the woods, finds a clay jug of herself – meaning she is to be sacrificed to “the pit”.

Thoughts :
• Jug face is a hilarious movie title.
• It’s also the face on a lovely clay head. I’ll be honest – I didn’t cop that the jug face was Ada’s until she said it. It has red hair (well, the fringe) but the face is a poor likeness!
• For horrors I always think it’s a good idea to have some kind of sex/nudity at the start of a film, so people will keep watching (and hopefully get into the film on it’s own merits), and that’s what we see here.
• Ada is part of a backwater community who worship a muddy pit. In true yokel fashion, she’s to be married off to Bodey (against her will), her father slings moonshine and she’s pregnant with her brother’s child. Oh, and her mother is constantly physically and verbally abusive. Sean Young did an excellent job at making mother Loriss absolutely detestable.
• Ada feigns her period by dabbing red paint in her panties. Thought that was ingenious.
• Although she does wrong/hides her problems/people die because of it, Ada’s easily likeable as she’s seemingly the only rational main character capable of clear thought, not simple-minded or prone to violent outbursts. She is not free – she is forced to marry in order to rear many children (like an animal), and is constantly beaten down, abused by her brother and repeatedly by her mother.
• Whenever I see a film shot in the woods, I see no-budget film-making! No taxes! The film spent all of it’s money on entrails and jugs.
• They drip feed the plot, mentioning “I’m the next jug face” and having “as many kids as the pit wants”.
• So The Pit demands sacrifices and heals others when they need it. From the film, it’s a very lop-sided trade. This sacrificing of your children at random is a really bad deal. Why don’t this trailer community just move to another area where this creature isn’t? The pit’s creature also stalks and kills others indiscriminately because it’s angry. That’s some bullshit! It’s shown by yellow-filtered quick cuts of murders, as Ada convulses to these visions, which aren’t great.
• The yokels are quite accepting of the sacrifices/extra deaths from the pit, as opposed to being the stock laughing evil hill-billies, good stuff.
• The Shunned Boy is the go-between of the people and the pit monster. I liked how it’s not just an intangible supernatural element – this spectre actually talks to Ada and matter-of-factly explains she won’t be forgiven for crossing them.
• There’s gore but it’s shown in quick cuts. Usually just an aftermath showing guts/torn limbs. Sacrifices have some nasty shots which are done well.
• The film’s a little short, credits roll before the 1hr 18m mark. The way story progresses means you couldn’t, but I’d actually like to see the community/the pit explored.

Overall: An easy watch. It’s interesting and above the average.


Release Date
October 8, 2014