OSW Review | Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Helloooo! We're back with a review of Leprechaun: Origins! Below is the NEW video, followed by the original written review. THE HAPPENING featuring OOC is currently being edited, and I haven't forgotten about MGS 3 & 4 either! I'll keep ya updated on FB & Twitter 🙂

Cast/Production: WWE-funded film by Lionsgate, starring WWE’s leprechaun, Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) as…the leprechaun.

Plot: 2 American couples come to the backarse of nowhere in Ireland, and are told there’s a cave with ancient historical artifacts near them. However they’re to be sacrificed to the resident leprechaun.

Thoughts on the film:
• This is a major red flag – the leprechaun is not a leprechaun, it’s a generic, hairless grey monster. Hornswoggle is in a full prosthetic suit far too big for him, like a child wearing his dad’s work shirt. The forearms and legs are too long and you can see where it bends. They try to hide the poverty of a rubber suit by using only quick, blurry shots of the monster…but it’s still an embarrassment, especially when he moves.
• The leprechaun loves gold you see, and will go for a gold earring, watch etc, leading to some poor stalking moments.
• One of the couples is on the rocks, and the other is quite obnoxious, thanks to an instantly-dislikable guy. It’s like they’re teenagers that just got together and trying to impress everyone.
• Hilariously that huge douchebag above had his leg torn open and still hobbles/walks it off. Despite his friends immediately leaving him to die (and him surviving) it’s not a source of contention.
• Finlay should’ve cameo’d in this film, as the guy who tells them about the relic. (Steve was considering him to be the babyface protagonist!) It couldn’t have made the film any worse.
• Despite being Rated R, there’s no nudity, and this film badly needed it. There’s barely cleavage.
• The gore is quite cheap looking. Like giblets that aren’t red enough. Awful.
• Hey, it’s in my favourite aspect ratio, 16:9. It’s also 90 minutes, thankfully.
• The film looks cheap and extensively treated in post-processing, making it washed out (not a good thing).
• The line “f**k you, Lucky Charms”. We don’t have Lucky Charms in Ireland! (possibly in an American shop). It’s in the original so there’s that.
• They had a chance to make it more interesting by not having the expected finish, and they had the expected finish. It also doesn’t make sense considering it’s a prequel to a long franchise.
• I don’t understand why you’d bother paying to use the Leprechaun name (this is it’s reboot) and have some boring monster instead of a leprechaun.
• I don’t understand the point in having Hornswoggle if he doesn’t have a line and is completely covered in a crappy prosthetic suit.
• This film goes for serious and terrible instead of going for campy-horror schlock (other Leprechauns were aware of how terrible it was and would play it up a bit). Whatever it could’ve been, it would’ve been better. This is not the franchise to try do a ‘legitimate’ serious horror film.
• This had an extremely limited theatrical run. I wonder if people were able to feign enjoying this movie, as the ‘stars’ would be in attendance.

Overall: A film you’ll instantly check out of. Completely unengaging, and not bad enough to be funny. Dirt-poor, and I watch a lot of WWE films. Avoid.


Release Date
November 20, 2014