OSW Review | The Divide (2011)

The Divide (2011)

Plot: A group take refuge in the apartment basement after a huge nuclear blast.

Cast: Starring Michael Biehn as Mickey (the superintendent/leader) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli in Heroes) as Josh, a disgruntled hothead.

• This is a Michael Biehn vehicle. He has long diatribes & monologues and is the central focus for the first act of the film. It’s like someone said “show me your range, Reese!”
• The effects of the trailer are misleading – the film is almost exclusively set in a small bunch of concrete corridors, so it’s quite low budget. But the story is centred around how people change during confinement and captivity so it’s not that noticeable. The budget has been spent on some ridiculous videogame hazmat suits/futuristic guns and two ‘devastation’ scenes (one of them’s in the trailer)
• Tensions run high as hope and supplies get low, and Mickey asserts his dominance while being vague in his reasons. It’s quite slow moving until they find out Mickey’s got a secret room. This also helps as it’s somewhere new to go (a different type of dank) and provides some story/character development.
• There are no scares, and not that much blood. Whenever something bloody comes up they change the camera shot.
• It’s a little contrived that a few of the guys would turn into psychopathic rape-murderers but I guess the film would be boring otherwise!
• Marilyn was told her daughter was dead, despite her clearly being alive. I guess this was the plan to break her emotionally so you can use/abuse her? But you were still a regular guy at the time this happened…
• I’m a big fan of backstory and exposition and this film has none. We get no explanation of the people in the  hazmat suits, their allegiance and what they were doing.

Overall: There were some interesting parts but I felt the 2 hour runtime. An interesting idea that descends into horror tropes. I wasn’t engaged. Avoid.


Release Date
October 2, 2014