OSW Review | IFI Horrorthon 2015: The Hallow (2015)

IFI Horrorthon 2015: The Hallow (2015)

Congratulations on this trailer – makes the movie seem 10 times more interesting than it is!

Crew/Production: Directed/written by Corin Hardy, also Phelipe Marino, starring Joseph Mawle and Bojana Novakovic.

Plot: Faith and beggorah! Adam the ‘tree doctor’ and his wife & child move into an isolated cabin in Ireland, next to a woods said to contain “The Hallow” a group of creatures that tresspass, kill and steal babies.

Thoughts on the film:
• Writer/director Corin Hardy gave a quick introduction to the film, saying the pitch was very strong, as it came with wonderful prospective creature artwork.
• As an Irish film, I’m braced for the worst (previous Irish horrorthon films have had a very low budget and have been poor films) but I was impressed with the creature design. It’s odd that these are fairies but they look like goblin children – they make you wait until the end of the film to get a good look at them, and I think they looked well, as did the hallucinogenic/parasitic black branch-like goo that hinders the people escaping. The film is generally shot in the dark to make the special effects look better.
• This is like a home invasion movie – a couple and newborn are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ghouls looking to break in and kill them. The strength lies in the creatures, not the protagonists, who aren’t that interesting/likeable, they’re just a regular couple from London. The Garda that visits is from Belfast, I’m glad he mentions such when he explains the folklore of “The Hallow” (“I’m from Belfast, there’s a different kind of Boogeyman up there!”) He also literally tells them how to combat these beings (Iron and Fire), which Adam doesn’t learn until the finale.
• I know that the neighbour tried to warn them (unsuccessfully) but he’s a gruff arsehole, so I was shocked he didn’t face his demise after shooing them away from his house. Who is the neighbour, you ask? Why it’s Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones! (Michael McElhatton) The Lannisters send their regards 🙂
• They do the ‘light by a camera’s flash’ routine, both just outside the house, and during a chase sequence. The flash barely has an effect on them so it was a bit blah!
• Love the weapon the father finally uses.
• Would it kill you to STOP TRESSPASSING IN THE WOODS?! Every time you do, it pisses the Hallows off! You were told this!

Spoiler thoughts!

When the father gets infected, the mother must rescue the child from the lake – but the dad is convinced (with will hurt the baby to prove it) that their son is a changeling, a trick from the Hallow. Obviously you think he’s nuts because he’s got that parasitic infection turning him crazy, but I’m so glad he turns out to be right. Good work mate! The woman could’ve just taken both kids though, and you know, throw the changeling down the well at a later date!

Overall: I enjoyed the creatures and it being Irish – as a production it’s miles better than other recent Irish horror, but you’re not missing out in terms of a creature/home invasion movie.


Release Date
October 30, 2015