OSW Review | IFI Horrorthon 2015: Worry Dolls (2015)

IFI Horrorthon 2015: Worry Dolls (2015)

Crew/Production: Directed by Padraig Reynolds, written by Danny Kolker and Christopher Wiehl (who plays the protagonist Matt); also starring Kym Jackson, Tina Lifford and NAOMI KYLE!

Plot: A more traditional horror plotline. Despite ending a serial killer’s grasp on a small town, similar murders happen with the same ritualistic logo painted in blood.

Thoughts on the film:
• I couldn’t help thinking – this film makes a massive mistake that most films don’t, which is having the audience ahead of the characters for long periods of the movie. In this case, we know what’s causing the murders (the Worry Dolls) and what they need to do (give them to the Shaman Della) for about an hour. She spells that out at the start of the film but is blown off by Matt the cop, so the next hour is waiting for him to cop on that it’s the dolls, ask her for advice, and collect them.
• Matt the cop, wow – he is in the running for worst law enforcer in film/TV! He has ridiculously slow reaction time, leading to people he’s trying to save all dying. It gets a bit comical how bad he is at saving people. For example, despite being told the killer’s in the house, and trying to kill his friend – although Matt has his gun drawn, the killer is still able to run around the corner and slice her neck with garden shears before he can stop him. WHAT! He also hears a noise, but takes 2 seconds to react. That probably doesn’t sound like much but it comes off really badly to not instantly move! Also, if someone lets a hostage go, you ****ing put a bullet in them – in the shoulder. Or you can wait for them to kill the victim anyway. Great job mate!
• The adults use the explanation of the child having epilepsy to explain her obvious possession/non epilepsy signs (whitening eyes etc), a good way to keep the adults in the dark.
• Also a sub-plot (which Matt explains to his partner rather ham-fistedly) about his wife separating from him due to him sticking with the serial murder case, but his daughter still loves him. Mother has a new beau, a black guy, who is weary of being the replacement third wheel in their family.
• I always love exposition, and it’s mostly done by Shaman Della; that worry dolls are supposed to be used for good, to put your worry dolls into, but these are cursed. Matt hilariously digests the mound of exposition and summarises/reiterates the important points.
• The shining star of this film, which includes lots of actors you probably know from somewhere else – is IGN’S NAOMI KYLE! She’s in it for a few scenes, playing the girlfriend of one of the possessed. Marked out seeing her. Noticed they put makeup over her beauty spot. Hope she does more horror films.
• Matt the Cop postulates that the worry dolls are laced with something. I was hoping they’d talk about drug addiction so he could ask Naomi Kyle if he had his ‘daily fix’. 😀
• The film is fairly low budget, it didn’t escape my attention that the cop’s driving scenes largely take place at night (i.e. no traffic around to film) and Naomi Kyle at the ‘police station’ looked to be at a primary school with a bockety table and one glass! Whaaaa!
• Love the idea of the worry dolls, even if the ritualistic logo is a bit on the nose. That you can put your worry into these dolls; that those who have had the worst lives are the most immune (so it’s dangerous for the pure/kids).

Overall: Nothing memorable, except for marking out seeing Naomi Kyle. Only watch it to see her!


Release Date
October 28, 2015