OSW Review | NXT Orlando Review!

NXT Orlando Review!

What’s this? Yes! LIIIIIIIVE from the Murder Couch, OSW review NXT Takeover Orlando!
This is a video version of the audio podcast released, edited entirely by @Surberus23!
Featuring Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode and a cracking 3-way tag match!
PLUS! The debut of Rodney The Piper!

While we were in Orlando for our Live Show, we went to HoF, NXT, WM33 and RAW, and released podcast reviews for them each! These aren’t proper “episodes” (which is why they were released as just audio originally) they’re just brucie bonuses! They’re done off the cuff, no notes and a loose structure, recording them in our hotel room the following day after lunch. Video version of WrestleMania 33 hopefully coming soon!

Download on iTunes or Android or here’s a direct link/streaming on the page:

Hall of Fame 2017 direct link

NXT Orlando direct link

WrestleMania 33 direct link, or you can watch the video version here!

RAW after WM direct link

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p.s. Alexander Wolfe is German, not Australian; sorry to my German brah-twursts for that and again just now for that terrible pun. Funboy Alex Wright is way better though!


Release Date
April 23, 2017