OSW Review | WCW Christmas 97 Nitro – OSW Review 113

WCW Christmas 97 Nitro – OSW Review 113

Ho ho hellooooooo! and Merry Christmas brahs! The winner of this year’s fan voting is the 1997 nWo Christmas Special! Enjoy the offering of the hottest year in WCW history, and the lows of FOUR nWo segments! Watch along as your boys go insane for the OSW Christmas 2022 Special!

There’s a companion review, what WWF were doing the very same night: RAW Christmas 97! [40m]

Xmas RAW ’97 LINK:

I ambushed the guys after the Xmas Nitro OSW to review the infamous DX vs DX, Shawn vs HHH for the European title! I’d like to give this the full OSW treatment in the future so this 32m video is a NoggerU AXCLOOSIV! — Jay


Release Date
December 25, 2022