OSW Review | TNA Vegas iMPACT – OSW Review 117

TNA Vegas iMPACT – OSW Review 117

TNA’s first iMPACT on the road! October 26, 2008 LIVE, in HD, in Widescreen, from LAS VEGAS! A milestone night in the company which sees the formation of the Main Event Mafia. Enjoy!

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Chris Nies (1st Half): https://twitter.com/MrNiesGuy
Chris Vaughn (2nd Half): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEl1DAhscS4
Dan MacRae (rando Vegas splicey) https://tvpowerhang.substack.com/
V1 (Splicey-grabber): https://twitch.tv/OSWreview
New GTA Character artwork: https://twitter.com/jetpackbraggin
Fancy Vegas Logo: Donald Kirby https://twitter.com/DKIRBYJ
GTA Vegas Logo & logo animation: Lee Mounsey-Smith https://twitter.com/LeeMounseySmith
Even more special thanks: You! ๐Ÿ’š

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Release Date
May 7, 2023