OSW Review | WCW Final Nitro – OSW Review 51

WCW Final Nitro – OSW Review 51

AWWW YEAH! WE’RE BACK! Part 3 of the X7 Saga with WCW Final Nitro!
Featuring the historic Simulcast, where Vince McMahon appears on WWF RAW and WCW Nitro at the same time!
If you’ve problems viewing the vid, turn AdBlock & HD off!

FYI Part 4 is the go-home RAW before X7 and Part 5 is WrestleMania X7!

Special Thanks To:
Trimoon @TrimoonMV  for the Wrestling is Awesome segment
Brad @DayDreamFigures for the amazing placecards
Bryan @WCWworldwide for WCW info/photos
Kenny & Harley Wootton @Zeomne for the amazing theme song

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Release Date
June 13, 2015