OSW Review | All Aboard The Lex Express – OSW Review 77

All Aboard The Lex Express – OSW Review 77

Merrrrrrry Lexmas!
It’s a star-spangled brucie bonus review of the USS Intrepid Bodyslam Yokozuna Challenge, and the Lex Express PR Tour!
Watch Sexy Lexy’s rise and fall, and fall, towards the main event of SummerSlam!
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KING OF THE RING RETROSPECTIVE (featuring 39% new material!)

Matt & OSW review Predator 1-4!
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OSW Playlist #10 reviewing 4 Horror films! (NoggerU)
Super OSW Level 16
Jay & Steve on Talking Simpsons, reviewing the Rex Banner episode!
Song contest video!

Massive Thanks:
Chris of ReloadLastSave (Everything!)  check out some Christlevania!
Surberus23 for pre-amble!
Carl Sciacchitano for the amazing Killing Joke artwork!


Release Date
December 24, 2018