OSW Review | WWF Survivor Series ’93 & SHOWDOWN! – OSW Review 84

WWF Survivor Series ’93 & SHOWDOWN! – OSW Review 84

WHAT’S THIS?! A BRUCIE BONUS quickie review of the Survivor Series Showdown, AND the 93 Survivor Series PPV itself!

ALL THE BRUCE HART YOU CAN HANDLE! All the thrills, spills, chills and…pills of the 1993 Survivor Series! Covering the Showdown special beforehand and RAW the night afterwards, and all the fun and frolicks that was 1993 in the WWF!

Chris from ReloadLastSave: Check out their Spooky Silent Hill 2 finale!
Jeff / Surberus23 (video editing) @surberus23
Fraser Davidson (A Winner is You anim) @FrazDav
Additional Artwork: Gordon Price
Research: Simon Boehm!

Series ’93 Music Credits:
Bomberman GBA Jetters “Track 10”
Bomberman 2 (NES) “Explosion + Title Screen” & “Powered Up”
Super Panic Bomber W “Ready”
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns “American Spirits”

Is it cool to make the Paige review Canon? ie a numbered episode? It’s an in-depth review, has a wrestler retrospective and I’d love it to be eligible for a Golden Nogger! So FMWF is ep 83!
BUT WHEN IS THE NEXT EPISODE (Rumble ’94)? Bookmark this for the LATEST OSW UPDATES!!


Release Date
October 12, 2019