OSW Review | SWS vs WWF WrestleFest – OSW Review 98

SWS vs WWF WrestleFest – OSW Review 98

FULL PPV WATCHALONG + Retrospective! Crack open some Easter Eggs & some brewskis and watch along with us 🍫🐰 SWS vs WWF WrestleFest [March 30, 1991] – OSW Review 98 #HogansBack #WWFinJapan #Hai

Listen to the audio below, or download it on your podcast app! (or right click and save the mp3 here!)

Took a wee while but for the podcast version I’ve removed the background PPV audio (it doesn’t make as much sense if you’re not actually watching along) but left in the bits where we’re watching it. Enjoy!


Release Date
April 4, 2021