OSW Review | Let’s Watch Hardcore Homecoming! – OSW Tattoo Review

Let’s Watch Hardcore Homecoming! – OSW Tattoo Review

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Yo! The first of our 2 TATTOO reviews, where we review anything they ask. First up is Deak’s choice, Hardcore Homecoming. He says the best way to view it is with mates and beers, so that’s what we did! So for the first time ever, sit back and watch the entire PPV with us 😀 I cut down the intro (from 18 minutes to 7) but all the matches are intact. Runtime 2hrs 48m!

The Pro wrestling mag we mentioned: They were super-lovely sending us review copies!
Tattoo brah Freaky Deaky:
Father Ted Intro:
Mick Foley 2012 gig: Markos Jagermeister
ECW Hardcore Revolution: Dreamcast Preservation Project

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Release Date
December 4, 2015