OSW Review | Maggie (2015)

Maggie (2015)

Cast/Crew: Directed by Henry Hobson and written by John Scott III; starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as father Wade and Abigail Breslin as daughter Maggie.

Plot: Post-Zombie Apocalypse, Schwarzenegger’s daughter has been bitten and will turn in 6-8 weeks. This film chronicles those 8 weeks.

Thoughts on the film:
• What, it’s not Maggaggie’s birthday? 😀
• It’s very odd to see Arnie tackle a drama, and a horror setting. This feels like someone asked Arnie if he’d like to try his hand at two genres he’s unfamiliar with, and he said ‘fuck it why not’.
• As such to get interested, you have to forget it’s Arnie (an impossible task) and view it as a drama which happens to be in a world of zombies. There’s a few tense bits, but overall it’s a slow, struggling-to-cope-with-a-terminal-disease type of film, which is very weird for Schwarzenegger.
• The most engaging part was seeing Maggie’s slow transformation makeup; she’d get progressively more zombie-like in stages, and then reel back in (become more human but worse than before, if you get me), until she’s more zombie than person.
• The zombie outbreak is explained via infection of the “necroambulist virus” which turns her into a pale cannibal.
• They have three choices with Maggie; send her to Quarantine (which the army reassure them is safe, smells fishy), get the same treatment but do it at home, or ‘make it quick’.
• Arnie kills a few zombies but more time is spent with how he feels about it.
• There’s a bit of an anti-government sentiment as they’re portrayed as a totalitarian regime that strip people of choice when push comes to shove; e.g. Maggie tries to talk an infected friend out of his room as a police force aim to break in.

Overall: It’s a more thoughtful, sentimental type of movie, Arnie does a good job trying to shed his unsheddable past roles, but that can’t be done, and honestly it’s mostly boring. I couldn’t get invested in the drama/suffering they were portraying. Maybe you’ll like it more? So…Avoid. Sorry Arnie!


Release Date
January 13, 2016