OSW Review | Bad Meat (2011)

Bad Meat (2011)

Plot: A group of wayward teens are send to an isolated Boot Camp to be disciplined. After eating some bad meat, the staff get violently sick (and eventually turn into blood-lusting maniacs).

Thoughts on the film:
• The only notable star is Mark Pellegrino (Jacob in LOST, Rip’s brother Randy in No Holds Barred)
• The idea is fine but honestly the budget was too low so there wasn’t nearly enough gore.
• However, the characters -although stock- are interesting enough to make the film watchable. Amongst them are stereotypes: a Goth, an activist, a Christian girl (who might be gay), an abrasive urban girl, a would-be tough black kid, and some regular white people.
• There’s no nudity. It’s hilarious that the film blatantly has girls sit around chatting in their underwear but this film needed all the help it could get.
•  Pacing: The film drags quite a lot until the counsellors actually change into frenzied infected zombies.
•  The movie is bookended by the sole survivor -completely bandaged- in the hospital, so we’re left to wonder which one made it (although it’s obvious it’s a white girl, so it narrows it down to two).
•  There was a hilarious sequence where a kid inadvertently eats some of the bad meat, so the Goth pumps his stomach with a cafeteria hose, which doubles in the movie like a large penis. It’s quite funny and they play it up for all it’s worth.
•  Some off-screen deaths (which I absolutely despise) and a very cheap “Oh my God!” ending bring down the film.

Overall, great premise – would work well if given the money – but as it stands, avoid.


Release Date
July 30, 2014