OSW Review | Among Friends (2012)

Among Friends (2012)

Plot: Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit) invites her friends over, traps them in the dining room and tortures them, while showing them what horrible people they are.

Thoughts on the film:
• Directed by Danielle Harris and starring all her friends, including the awful Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Michael Biehn’s wife).
• It’s an 80’s themed dinner party, which explain the almost cartoon-like ‘kitsch’ 80s attire of the cast.
• The idea of the film is fine, but the execution was just God-awful. It’s basically a re-imaginging/rip-off of SAW – a twisted morality tale where people have to pay for their crimes.
• Unfortunately the writing is really, REALLY bad – “You suck. You ALL suck. You suck.”
• There is no budget, so no gore, it just plays out like a bunch of friends sat down with a tape recorder and banged out a script over a weekend, using direct quotes from vacuous Hollywood stereotypical douchebags.
• Whilst there are some would-be sex scenes, the film is apparently above nudity.
• Apparently they used the first take on many scenes (like cutting of some fingers, the actor doesn’t react to it) and moved on.
• To it’s credit, the characters in the story point out that they don’t particularly care, what was done wasn’t all that bad, and the antagonist keeps changing the “rules” of her game to oppress her victims.
• I got to see this at the IFI with some cast in attendance. Prior to the film, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn had a short film talking into her camera to her loved ones. It was poor. Afterwards someone shouted “better luck next time!” which got a big laugh. She was pissed! ‘who said that, turn on the lights etc’ only half-jokingly. I considered walking out on this film but I didn’t because the cast was there.

Overall: Shot in 10 days, with no budget, “it’s a film Danielle Harris wanted to see”, it really shows – this is a terrible film from an acting/writing/execution standpoint, but not terrible enough to be fun. This was the worst film I’ve seen in many years.


Release Date
July 30, 2014