OSW Review | Jessabelle (2014)

Jessabelle (2014)

Cast/Crew: Psychological horror film directed by Kevin Greutert and written by Ben Garant, starring Sarah Snook as Jessie.

Plot: After a car accident leaves her temporarily wheelchair-bound, Jessie moves into her family home with her estranged father. A’happenings occur!

Thoughts on the film:
• Poor Jessie (Jessabelle) is put through the ringer. In a car accident she loses her fiance and her baby, already having lost her mother as a child, and now lives with her gruff and distant father. What meager relationships and any support she builds up gets struck down.
• She’s staying in her mother’s old room, which has some kind of curtains – hooray! A triumph for horror films. (Otherwise how would you know there’s lightning and rain outside?)
• It was a lovely sight seeing Jessie watch a videotape of her (now deceased) mom talk to her; and the tarot card reading is a novel hook, a great way to forward plot and dole out some exposition.
• The film has a paranormal and psychological ‘is she really seeing things’ slant which is pretty average, typical escalation (starts off seeing things at night, then seeing/hearing/feeling things during the daytime.) Basic shock bits eg a ‘dark’ version of herself in the bathtub were alright, however I enjoyed the added voodoo slant, gave it some much needed variety.
• Some Final Destination action with the burning shed! Seeing things ‘fall’ into place was a bit hilarious.
• It isn’t Jessie’s gimmick that she’s a steely woman with ice-water running in her veins; but when things start flying around the house, getting physically moved and talked to by an unknown being…she’s pretty damn calm! Get the fuck out!! (I would contest she thinks it’s her mother but it’s made clear it’s something evil)
• Getting support from an old high school boyfriend wasn’t ever grating, it was funny to hear her ring up his house and his wife answer, and later get real thick about it.
• Oh man. Voodoo ghost can move out of the house and teleport. You’re done son!

Overall:  A dish about a haunted house with a voodoo sideplate. An easy watch but nothing to hold your attention. The horror itself is uninspired and average but the voodoo stuff was enjoyable. 


Release Date
March 25, 2015