OSW Review | Panic Button (2011)

Panic Button (2011)

Disclaimer: This is neither Panic Room, nor The Button. “Panic Button” is something much worse!

Cast/Crew: The cast is either forgettable or instantly irritating, which makes it a tough watch. The writing and plot is nothing special and the budget is almost non-existent as almost the entire movie is set in one location (a plane’s cabin interior), and with that, there’s no gore or gratuitous deaths etc. There’s very little positives. The faceless perpetrator (seen as a televised animated crocodile) slowly lets them in on the real reason why they’re there, starting with listing out their shortcomings and despicable acts, all chronicled on Facebo

Plot: “SAW on a plane”. A group of 20-somethings win a holiday of a lifetime from (a thinly veiled parody of facebook), starting with a First Class flight to New York. Little do they know, they’ve all been selected to play a deadly game.

The idea is fine enough (trap people on a plane, terrify and kill ’em) and the revelations make sense and are decent, but the execution and the overall production is flimsy. You’d imagine that this film would be heavy on the finger-wagging of big companies collecting personal information that it’s users freely distribute, but no, not really – it’s just used as a vehicle for and explanation of the events. How the antagonist created a billion-dollar social media site for this purpose is extremely specious (and lucky the “you’ve won a trip of a lifetime” email didn’t get caught in the spam filter!) but ok…It’d be easier to forgive if there was something positive to focus on. It’s very cheap and the characters are annoying but deaths weren’t satisfying. They should’ve just given the idea to the makers of SAW. Regardless of your feelings on the franchise, at least SAW has enjoyably unnecessary gore, cooler characters, better writing, and is wrapped in decent enough moral reasoning that ties itself into the other iterations.

Overall: One last thing: THERE’S NO PANIC BUTTON IS A FILM CALLED PANIC BUTTON! AGH! Choking on my own rage here…Avoid!


Release Date
August 21, 2014