OSW Review | Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

Sprague Grayden as Kristi (Katie’s sister from PA1), Brian Boland as Daniel (her husband), Molly Ephraim as Ali (their daughter), and….well, Katie and Micah.

Kristi’s house is initially burgled but only a family necklace is stolen. Afterwards the two experience Paranormal Activity.(Stop groaning!) and refer to the rules of the franchise.

The budget has increased to $5million, which means pretty much the same setup, but bigger – so a nicer house, and more cameras : Instead of one static camera in the bedroom, PA2 sees Dan install security cameras inside & outside the house, where we see short clips cycling through the cameras, which works great for a new spin on monitoring changes. Kristi is pretty much Katie, down to her storyline, and Brian is a less-douchey Micah. In this film research/tape review is done by the daughter (instead of Micah in the first). This time they explain more of why Katie & Kristi are affected and the demon leaves more physical marks (like scratchings on the basement door). They go about things differently, and they tie the 2nd film into the 1st, which is admittedly pretty cool. They also have a sick dog to pull at your heart strings. There is a really great jump-scare in the kitchen.

Overall: The film is in all aspects better than the original. It follows the same path, does it better, unfolds more of the overarching plot (but not much, mind you!) and ties in nicely. If you liked the first, go see this. I’d consider this the best of the franchise.


Release Date
October 27, 2014