OSW Review | Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3

Cast: Chris Smith as Dennis (the ‘Micah’ role, setting up cameras record, researching demonology), Lauren Bittner as Julie (the mother, who is basically the dismissive/disbelieving part of ‘Micah’), Dustin Ingram as Randy, Dennis’ friend (and reckless part of Micah) and Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown as young Katie and Kristi respectively.

Plot: Ah, a prequel. Everyone loves those! The majority of the film is sourced from 1988 home movies with somehow-high definition widescreen footage, where the home looks like it was made in 2011… Mentioned in the previous films, Katie and Kristi can’t remember much of their childhood and odd things used to happen around them. Here we get to see what happened before the PA1/2.

From static bedroom camera, to multiple cycling security cameras, now we have cameras around the house, especially the sitting room camera, which is on a fan’s pivot, so it slowly pans from left to right, giving you a new way to “monitor” the activity. I have to say, that’s genius. Scares come into and out of view with the left-to-right panning. The film plays by the PA rulebook, as PA starts to happen after Katie’s new invisible friend, Toby, shows up. More demonology and witches coven symbols graffiti the house, and they go to their grandma’s house for the final act. The film expands and explains well the reasons why this is occurring and the usually static camera comes first person, and is done quite well. The thread is running thin on this yearly found footage yarn, but it is a decent sequel.

Overall: This film has the most plot of the three so far. Although the premise is wearing thin, it’s worth a watch, if you’ve seen one or both of it’s predecessors.


Release Date
October 28, 2014