OSW Review | IFI Horrorthon 2016: Pet

IFI Horrorthon 2016: Pet

Cast/Crew: Directed by Carles Torrens and written by Jeremy Slater, starring Ksenia Solo (oh ho ho! Na beecha kanu Han Solo!) as Holly the captive and Dominic Monaghan as Seth (the captor).

Plot: Psychological thriller. A low-level employee at a Vet Clinic has an obsession with a woman he meets on the bus, and holds her captive. But there’s much more going on!

Thoughts on the film:
• In case you didn’t remember Monaghan is from LOST, the opening shot is of an Island…..painting he had framed, where he wakes up! Got a good chuckle out of that.
• The film in general reminds me of fellow-LOTR co-star Elijah Wood, who starred as a serial killer who falls in love with a photographer in Maniac.
• PET did an excellent job of portraying how scary it must be for a woman walking the streets feeling unsafe at night. His stalking game is on point.
• I also love seeing the same situation (the stalking) but from another’s point of view.
• He’s not a smart creep, in that he googles (well, he “sleuths” lol) her and writes up her likes, dislikes and status; but lets it slip replying to “I have a boyfriend” with “no you don’t”! Rookie!
• I also get the impression that if he was a good-looking guy (he plays it very dumpy and sensitive) it wouldn’t be so much of a problem. Monaghan uses a much deeper/raspier voice which is both convincing and unsettling as his voice, but not as an American!
• He’s not all bad as he tried out tranquilisers on himself to see if it’d kill him/how long it would knock him out. I don’t think he accounted for her being female/lighter though.
• He keeps her held captive in an abandoned basement part of the Vet’s Clinic (which is virtually soundproof). And with that, his co-worker/security guard presents tension if he’ll find out what Seth is up to; and it’s there where you see what side you’re on – do you empathise with Seth or want Holly to escape?
• There’s a bit revelation halfway through and makes the film much more interesting! It also has a fitting finale.
• Gore: Only when it needs to be and there’s some gruesome shots.
• I don’t get Holly’s blackmail of “If I die, I’m your problem”. Well no shit, either way you’ve gotta leave the room dead or alive at some point! Seth already smuggled you in, and sure there’s an incinerator on premises!

Overall: Enjoyable, interesting film. An easy watch, but nothing-must see. Give it a goosie when it comes on Netflix.


Release Date
November 8, 2016