OSW Review | Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Cast: Alexandra Daddario (Woody Harrelson’s stunning bit on the side, Lisa, in True Detective Season 1) as the protagonist Heather, and 6’6″ Dan Yeager as Leatherface.

Plot: This slasher flick is about Heather Miller, a regular 20-something girl, who receives word of her inheritance. She heads down to her new old house in a small Texan town with her friends…Turns out it has a sordid past & deadly secret.

Thoughts on the film :
• This is a sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and not the other 5 TCM films.
• Opening credits: recaps the main scenes from the original, now in 3D, which was pretty cool to see.
• Prologue: picks off right at the end of the original, which is also appreciated! It plays into this film’s storyline, which is nicely weaved.
• Characters: your stock care-free Americans waiting to be picked off, but they aren’t as annoying as in other films.
• I saw the 3D version. There are a lot of parts where the film just looks 2D, but there are definitely some “hey look it’s 3D!” parts, so it’s best watched with those uncomfortable glasses.


• I’m surprised despite the film being Rated-R, and the protagonist having large breasts, there is no nudity.
• We all know there’s gonna be a scene where Leatherface (who’s never actually called that) is going to be running after Heather with a chainsaw. Thankfully it happens about 40 minutes into the film, so the film can get past that, and can continue.
• Why he uses a chainsaw as his weapon of choice isn’t explained. It just feels a bit odd as he has a cupboard full of them, because he’s the horror villain with the chainsaw.
• There’s only a few gory bits, it’s not a gore-fest.
• Grating use of “the car won’t start!” hackneyed tension spot.
• Not too much stupidity in the film, beyond two instances: the ol’ the sheriff is evil, but she gets into the back of a police car; and the other girl uses a shotgun but doesn’t bring it with her)
• Some suspension of disbelief is required when a police officer checks the house, holding up his iPhone with the video function on, so the lads back at the police station can see what he sees. This severely limits his attention and steadiness of his gun. Ridiculous! But it made for an interesting scene – probably the best scene in the film.
• I chuckled when “the letter that explains everything” was given at the start of the film, but not opened until the end so it provides a fitting conclusion/revelation.
• The final 20 minutes make sense and a satisfying conclusion. Nothing great, but better than expected.

Overall : Pretty average slasher film. It’s not bad but don’t go out of your way to see it.


Release Date
August 15, 2015