OSW Review | The Pact (2012)

The Pact (2012)


Plot : Annie (Caity Lotz) returns to town for her mother’s funeral. When her sister Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) goes missing, and strange occurances happen in her late mother’s house, she pledges to uncover the mystery.
Thoughts on the film :
• “The Pact” itself is never referenced or explained. What was it?!
• There is minimal exposition, it feels like we’re missing the first 20 minutes of the film. Although you find out the story by the end, there’s very little to go on for a while. Hearing a bump every now and then isn’t really enthralling.
• They start with the less pretty sister, then move the film’s focus to the prettier one. I wonder if that was a conscious decision.
• Annie believes her sister has left town, but is surprisingly cool with going back into an obviously haunted & likely malevolent house.
• Getting a medium that looks like a human ‘corpse bride’ was pretty good.
• There is a storyline reason for it, but the film is aggravatingly shot in the dark. Protagonists shuffle around in the pitch black house for no reason other than for the film to grasp some atmosphere.
• About the unnaturally dark house, they say that electricity attracts the spirit…wouldn’t it brighten the house then? Maybe it absorbs the light/electricity.
• I’ve never seen a makeshift Ouija board before. And it works!
• Weaving in a much bigger story, and the twist that takes the past into the present was pretty well done, definitely best part of the film.
• They go for some really obvious scares, and decide not to in other circumstances. Couple of groaners.

Overall, it’s a very average forgettable film, but it’s not a bad film. The impromptu revelation that leads into the finale makes the film an acceptable watch.

What is this pact? (Spoilers)

It’s been suggested that it’s the Pact between the Judas Killer and his sister, Annie’s mom, she’d bring home people to murder and hide the bodies? I guess?


Release Date
November 26, 2014