OSW Review | The Tall Man (2012)

The Tall Man (2012)

Plot : Set in Cold Rock, a generic small town, has seen a lot of child disappearances, linked to the legend of the “Tall Man”. When Julia (a brunette Jessica Biel)’s kid goes missing, she sets off to unravel the mystery and retrieve her son.

Thoughts :
• Based on (i.e. ripped off) “Slender Man”, a 2009 internet meme made by Eric Knudsen. In 2012 it spread even further when a hit free-to-play indie horror game circulated around the internet. The basic premise of Slender Man is that he is a tall, thin humanoid creature with no facial attributes, wears a black suit and has tentacles emerging from his back. He lives in the woods and kidnaps children. None of which matter a damn here!
• This awful film has barely any horror, complete with poor dialogue and forgettable characters. There are some  twists, which are clunkers. There’s nothing redeeming music or directing-wise, and is lacking in suspense. You get the idea, I’ll stop there…it’s an absolute waste of time. It’s a shame since the various iterations of the story and the videogame are far superior to this lemon.

Overall : The most impressive part of this film is that the trailer completely hoodwinks you into thinking it’s halfway decent – it’s not!
Avoid at all costs!


Release Date
September 23, 2014