OSW Review | Unbreakable (2000)

Unbreakable (2000)

Cast/Crew: Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis (David Dunn, with untapped super strength & psychic powers) and Samuel L. Jackson (Elijah Price, his opposite, a man born with extremely brittle bones).

Plot: After a man escapes an otherwise fatal train crash unscathed, he’s contacted by a man believing him to have superpowers.

Thoughts :
• I got a kick out of Shyamalan’s pretentious filmmaker’s starters kit, filming long sequences through reflective surfaces (eg mirror, TV)
• I enjoyed that the prospect of having unnatural powers is treated seriously, as Willis starts off very suspicious and investigates it, wondering about his sick days, and trying to lift increasing weights.
• After being told of his psychic ability, Willis’ intuition erroneously points him towards an Indian guy re:selling drugs. RAAAACIST!
• Absolutely terrifying scene where Willis’ crying son gets his gun and wants to prove he’s invincible. Shocking and really well executed.
• Willis’ character David is unassuming and humble, quite likeable. Jackson’s strength is in scenes that call for his character to be quiet but intense and intimidating – he has an excellent scene talking up and then refusing a sale of some comic artwork. I found Elijah deciding to go limp while being wheeled around the comic-book store quite hilarious, and his fall down the stairs painful to watch – I very much cared about the character.
• However, I absolutely didn’t care about the subplot of Willis and his wife repairing their relationship. Go away.
• I was weary of hearing that Willis’ weakness may be water, it’s Signs all over again! That said, almost drowning by being engulfed by a pool cover in the pouring rain is pretty scary, and a great scene.
• Pace dragged a little, the movie clocks in at 106 minutes.
• Using a hooded rain cloak in the dark is usually reserved for killers in slasher flicks, but it’s worn at length by good guy protagonist here.
• Feels real late 90s with the scene in the train lobby where a soft beat starts playing as Willis’ outstretches his hands to get mental-flashes of the passers-by.
• The ending was unexpected but wonderfully fitting, despicable acts to find what you were looking for.

Overall: Very enjoyable although a little slow-moving. Willis and Jackson do a great job in their roles. Definitely worth a watch. Recommended.


Release Date
November 30, 2014