OSW Review | Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland (2009)

Plot : This is an odd time where the trailer is worse than the movie. It’s a light-hearted “informational” Zombie apocalypse movie, focusing on a bunch of survivors. The outbreak is due to a tainted Big Mac, which wiped out most of America, with only a handful of survivors. We start with the film version of “George Michael from Arrested Development” (i.e. a bumbling, insecure teenager, played by Jesse Eisenberg) who explains how he’s been able to survive so long. On his journey to his parents’ place he meets other survivors, all the while trying to keep sane, not get bitten, and maybe find love.

Cast/Crew : Jesse Eisenberg is the protagonist, and despite his anti-social tendencies, is easily likeable. Woody Harrelson plays a gun-toting, would-be-hick that’s seemingly loving the apocalypse, and provides most of the humour. Even though it’s the Zombie Apocalypse. Emma Stone & Abigail Breslin play a younger and older sister combo, both trying to survive. It may seem contrived but they all work well. Jonathan Levine directs, he has a new somewhat similar movie (Warm Bodies) coming out next year.

Writing : The writing is quite light and easy-going, never obnoxious or arrogant. It’s nothing deep or considered, but it’s perfect for the movie, and absolutely believable. There’s a few idiotic moments but they’re easily overlooked. It’s a well-worn premise but it’s executed very well. It’s about still retaining your sanity by having a laugh in this bleak world and learning to trust again.

Art-style/Effects :  Nothing particularly standout The film uses some slo-mo for comic effect and some graphics to remind us of the rules of survival. There’s also some fun gratuitous gore.

Thoughts of the movie :
I don’t really want to ruin this movie as it’s one of the most fun zombie films ever made. It’s punctuated by many humorous moments, the Zombies are taken out with gusto, instead of screaming/running away for the entire movie. Which is really how it should be done. Gotta enjoy the little things, right? There’s also a really fantastic cameo.

Verdict : It’s a (much-needed) well-executed light-hearted take on the Zombie Apocalypse, much like Shaun of the Dead. Go see this film. It’s great. If you have, see it again!


Release Date
October 22, 2014