OSW Review | TNA Hard Justice 2007 – OSW Review 65

TNA Hard Justice 2007 – OSW Review 65

Step right up! OSW LAND is open!
Enjoy part 3 of the TNA 2007 story arc with more noodle-brained madness from Jarrett & Co!
Featuring the DEBUT of Black Reign and TEST in TNA!

Audio download on iTunes or Android or here’s a direct link/streaming on the page:

mp3 direct link

Harley Wootton “OSW Land Theme”
Sonjay Dutt “The Guru”
Doom “I Sawed The Demons”
Tapper (Arcade) “Level 1”
Comix Zone E1 P1-2 “Seen It For Days”
Black Reign “Darkness Falls”
Green Beret “Alert” “Stages 2 & 4”
Earthworm Jim (PC) “Slug for a Butt”
Outrun “Splash Wave”
Tecmo Cup Football Game “Meeting, Half Time”
Super Smash bros “Sonic Win”

Massive Thanks:
Chris from ReloadLastSave for help editing!
Adam Blampied from WhatCulture (twittah link) for the ABQ!
Kenny & Harley Wootton for the new OSW Land theme!
Danny Williams from DWIllustration for the OSW Land artwork!
Gordon Price from PriceVFX for the animation!
Grant Baynes for the Black Reign painting!
Carl Jenkins of OSWreviewToons for the Pacman & Black Reign artwork 🙂
Michael Larson (here’s his facebook page) for the cool Punisher comic book artwork!


Release Date
August 20, 2017