OSW Review | TNA Bound For Glory 2007 – OSW Review 66

TNA Bound For Glory 2007 – OSW Review 66

Don your fanciest bumping pants, it’s BOUND FOR GLORY 2007!
TNA’s WrestleMania, headlined by KURT ANGLE vs STING!
Extended edition! Almost 2 hours of OSW goodness — MORE Pacman, MORE Knockouts, MORE Jr Fatu!

Audio download on iTunes or Android or here’s a direct link/streaming on the page:

mp3 direct link

Massive Thanks:
Chris from @ReloadLastSave for the intro & editing
Ryan Probert @ProbeComposer for the new themesong
Dynamite Scott @DynamiteScott for the outro title card
Carl @VoodooChild1981 for the awesome OSWreviewToons artwork
Adam @McKodem for the helloooo animation
Grant Baynes for the Sting/Angle painting
Fizz @FizzVStheWorld for the FF/Black Reign logo
Peter Nguyen of Riptiders for the OSW B4G Logo


Apidya “Meadows Edge 3”
Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right”
Daniels “A Higher Power”
Donkey Kong Country “DK Island Swing”
Gate of Thunder “Overworld bgm”
TNA iMPACT theme (2007)
Metroid Samus Returns “Magmoor Caverns”
Marvel vs Capcom “Captain America”
Prey “Mind Games”
DMX “X Gon Give It To Ya”

This was the first episode edited on the new PC and with help from Chris, just the audio alone took 2 weeks to get perfect! Really hope you enjoy it!


Release Date
October 8, 2017